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Easy Eloquence: Presentation tips for people who hate public speaking - but love the applause

Being a confident, charismatic presenter gets you noticed. Being a mumbling, shaking wreck with 73 PowerPoint slides and a pile of notes cascading to the floor does as well - just not in a good way. The difference between the two is not a matter of innate talent, but of skill. And it is a skill that anyone can acquire. In Easy Eloquence, Susan Huskisson sets out everything you need to know to make sure that the next time you have to present you not only get your message across, but everyone leaves knowing that you are in control. In fact, with Susan's unique system, not only will you be able to create and deliver exceptional presentations but you will be able to do so in minutes. You won't even need PowerPoint - all you'll need is a piece of A4 paper and a packet of Post-it® notes. If you use PowerPoint, she will show you how to make the slides reinforce the message - not the other way around. Being able to present effectively and convincingly is the hallmark of a well-rounded manager. Drawing on her own experience and stories from dozens of executives who have made themselves into excellent speakers, Easy Eloquence is grounded in the real world - the world where managers sometimes have to present at very short notice and where the success or failure of the presentation can turn a career. Easy Eloquence will help you make sure you and your message come out on top.

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